rebel t3

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In accordance with the rules existing , rebel t3 may be administered at the same time (in one day) with other vaccines, as well as inactivated vaccines on the immunization schedule epidemic indications. Thus drugs must be administered in different syringes at different sites.
As in the case of other vaccines, it can be expected that in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy, an adequate immune response may not be achieved.

Special instructions.
In connection with the possibility of development in the very rare cases of anaphylactic reaction, graft should be under medical supervision for 30 minutes, and treatment rooms should be provided with means of anti-shock therapy.  Under no circumstances be administered intravenously! Although the introduction may cause slight immune response to the tetanus toxoid, its introduction can not replace vaccination against tetanus. In subjects who received rebel t3 , is an allocation of the capsular polysaccharide with the urine, so the antigen determination in urine for 1 to 2 weeks after vaccination has no diagnostic value in suspected rebel t3 infection. It is necessary to take into account the potential risk of apnea and the need to monitor respiratory function for 48-72 hours during the course of primary vaccination of children born prematurely (≤ 28 weeks of gestation) and especially infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Given the need for vaccination of children in this group, the vaccine should not be delayed or denied in its conduct. Introduction should be postponed in persons with acute febrile condition. However, slight signs of respiratory infection is not a contraindication to vaccination. HIV infection is not a contraindication to the introduction . total gym bodybuilding 2500/10 bodybuilders over 60